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Safe Websites For Kids Online

Using the Internet is a great place to learn about new things, to get to know other people, and to play games. The Internet is a vast connection of websites that keeps growing and changing every day. With all the different websites, knowing which ones are safe can be hard to figure out. You will need to learn a few tricks before you research, surf, and play.

Before going online, always ask for your parents’ or teachers’ permission and have them supervise the sites you are visiting. If you come across something that you feel uncomfortable with, tell someone. It is also a way to let them know that you can be trusted with the computer.

Treat each piece of information with a grain of salt. This means don’t trust everything that you read, see, or hear online. First figure out who is in charge of the site. If they are a trusted source of information in that area, chances are they know what they are talking about. It is important not to post private information about yourself, your friends, or your family. This information can be your full name, home address, your phone number, the name of your school or your parents’ credit card information. Some people may use these types of information in a negative way. Never accept or send files over the Internet unless you get permission. There is no way of knowing if the files are safe for opening or viewing.

Check out some of these kid safe sites:

Homework Helpers

 Government Sponsored Sites

Child Safe Search Engines

Games and Activities

Other Fun Sites